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TV violence

If it weren't for television, it'd be a lot harder to see how doing violence to another is bad.

A child does not think about the consequences of things. If someone is bothering them, and that person goes away somehow, that's great! "Maybe I can *make* that person go away...."

The bad guys usually lose in the end on tv, no?

You don't need television to give you ideas when it's easy enough to come up with them on your own. You don't like that television gives you ideas? Maybe you want to burn books too? Knowledge being power, maybe you're just afraid that whoever you abused will turn against you? We live in a dangerous world. If you want to make it safer by restricting knowledge, would you still want to live in it? Reference commercial with the library, the restricted book, and the authorities.

Perhaps it just goes back to basic common sense: teach, spend time with your kids. Love them. Guide them.