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Imminent change of living accomodations.

I've just been informed that I may have a new roommate. I would be very angry if I have to move, so I hope that it will be my roommate that is moving out, and not I. The most desired quality in a roommate for me would be for the roommate to not have boys. Because the having of a boy or boys would invade upon the sanctity of my boy-free room. Plus it would be very undesirable for anything of a boy-girl nature to happen in a room that I live in. But. Certain steps could be taken if that were to happen. *insert maniacal, gleeful laughter*

As it might be evident from the language of this entry, I have just finished watching "Emma" with Gwenyth Paltrow and assorted other persons. I did not quite enjoy this movie. It was extremely slow and boring in its beginning, although it got slightly more interesting toward the end. I do think that Clueless was a much better movie of the same story. I did not come up with the idea to rent this movie in the first place though. It was my roommate that wanted to see the movie since she had read the book. What a waste of time.

I will now prepare Kraft Macaroni & Cheese and feed said prepared dish to myself.