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Technology Woes

My computer doesn't like online polls. It crashes when I go to emode, thespark, ivillage, etc. And quizilla is sooo slow! *sigh*

My Palm Tungsten seems to be running on too advanced of a version of the Palm OS to work any of the japanese programs properly.

Today our class ate at Aka Oni in Carmel for lunch. It was cool, but I couldn't see the real difference between the food there and at other places.. I guess I'm not picky? I had a salmon teriyaki, some other fish, and a piece of sashimi. Nothing special. Oh! I can't believe Todai in Hawaii got rid of the huge platter of just ahi sashimi!!! That's sooo unfair. Now you have to eat it with rice. And it isn't as good as before too. :o( I need more sashimi. Sashimi sashimi sashimi!

I have to beat a score of 96,000 on Bejeweled. Classmate Isaac's dad's score. Here's to more sore neck hours!

I really need to get out more. Today we were in Carmel and I saw real people again and it was weird. Plus I miss shopping. Uh oh, better not get out then. Must.. save.. money! For what, I don't know. Oh! I want to have a nice little place to live and then I can buy all the cool stuff I marked in the SkyMall catalog! It's not even really expensive stuff. Just cool stuff. To make things nicer and more benri. :o)

Oh! I need to call mom.. it's her day off.

...or not. Right now I'm waiting for this Jesse Proulx guy to fix the cluster thingy on livejournal so I can upload this post. *tapping fingers*

Maybe I'll think about my interests.

[this post has been backdated, see above]