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I have beaten classmate Isaac's dad's score on Bejeweled! My high score is 129690 - (Dark, currently #143, I RULE!)

I have also added some interests. Next is to get a neat user icon thing.

Today it rained, which isn't fair as it's not supposed to rain here. I do think my cold's getting better though. I did okay on the quizzes we had today. I think I got 98s on all 3 quizzes we had this week. Maybe there was a 97.5 or something though. Don't know, don't care, they all add up to As anyway. We played Rogerball again today but we lost our secret weapon Donny so it sucked.

I'm so relieved that I can post again! I was almost going to become a paid member. I might still though. Support the whole project thing. Maybe.

Other than that.. I think I need to go eat dinner.