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Return on my investments

Invested: About 4 hours of study, total.
Return: 1/2 of my midterm contains questions I can answer.

Invested: Hours and hours playing Alter Ego.
Return: Distraction from depression about failing above midterm.

Invested: $20 in a Shaper Image umbrella
Return: Jeans totally soaked, except for wallet, and bottom 1/4th of shirt soaked.

Invested: $35 in a huge Brookstone umbrella
Return: Only bottom 1/10th of pants soaked, probably from wading through the new river on campus.

Invested: $47, over a month and a half of wait time, one email, two phone calls.
Return: No Hercules yet.

Invested: $45, and an anticipated further charge of $50.
Return: Xena Season 3 DVD set 1 is supposedly somewhere in the state of Hawaii, and will probably reach my mailbox around never. Xena Season 3 DVD set 2 is in the possession of a friend who had one of our mainland friends buy the in-store sets and mail them to us.

Invested: A couple minutes to contemplate becoming an Associate Producer of Futile Attraction for $5000.
Return: The realization that I am completely nuts. But that doesn't mean it's not going to be a cool movie.