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Another User Pic Uploaded!

This one is me playing with fire :o) Should I make it my default pic? I only have one left as a free user. Maybe I should pay. And then I'd have to look for more pics. Hmm, too much work? Me=lazy.

I just went out with roommate to get Jack in the Box. I got a Sourdough Jack and a Jumbo Jack with cheese and then I got an OJ from the machine outside with 4 quarters. Yummy. Roommate is watching Rose Red, a long 4 hour scary movie. I watched Signs last night with hallmates Heather and Michelle, and Michelle's friend Steph (?) [edited - Jen] and it was kind of weird. But it's a M. Night Shamylan (sp?) movie so it's thought provoking? Something. It was just okay. They screamed a lot during the movie. It wasn't that scary either. Kinda freaky but not too scary. I slept until around 12 today. But I went to bed at around 1 so it's alright, right? I'm not in trouble am I? *G* Back to the Sourdough Jack, cuz I'm still hungry.