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So.  Here I am, on the second month of no-paycheck.  This is, of course, an undoubtably temporary situation since I will be getting some good guvmentmonie$$ as soon as school starts in the fall.  Or, it's possible that I could get it for the summer session as well, but ah - I'll check on that later.

Anyway, in the meanwhileness of this "I can't be bothered to actually do anything to earn my keep," I find myself still wanting to buy things.  Shiny things.  Well, ok, not shiny, but tempting nonetheless.  One could see this as overcompensating for 10-12 months of not being able to buy fricken anything, but that would just be an excuse.  Oh, right.  Point being, no incoming money, but much wanting.

Solution?  Simple.  No money, no buying of shiny.

Which I actually really do believe in.  And wish others would do so I wouldn't have to hear horror stories about credit cards.

But... shiny!!!!!

btw it should be noted that I should really go into both new!workplace and current!workplace soon.

current sickness level = 5% and falling (hopefully)


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May. 2nd, 2006 10:35 pm (UTC)
yes gotta love the shiny!! and come on regression towards the mean, explained phenomena that would explain many things especially your need for the shiny :-) not an excuse, its true just don't let it become an excuse hehe good luck with the job ('hunt') :-)
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