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Books!  I've been buying my little Japanese literature class novels from Barnes & Noble because they are cheaper from there with my discount than buying them used from the University bookstore.  I also bought one of my Chinese class workbooks from B&N.  I initially shied from buying my Physiology and Speech class textbooks from there, but yesterday I put in the order and I guess I will see if I can in fact apply my discount there as well.  $250 without, if my discount doesn't work then I might as well get a membership since it will cancel out anyway - I always did want to get the Barnes & Noble membership :)

Today I went and bought from the University bookstore the stuff I couldn't get from Barnes & Noble.  One Chinese text, one Chinese workbook, one of the Japanese literature novels, and one optional Physiology Lab photographic atlas thing.  I passed on the Chinese Audio CD and the Chinese flashcards... actually I think I laughed at the flashcards.

I also spent $100 on the U-Pass, which is good from August through December, for a total of 5 months.  I actually will effectively only be using it for four, because the summer one that cost $80 covered from May through August (4 months).  At $40/month regular price, it's still big savings to get the U-Pass even if they do overlap a month.

I'm a little worried that my Ethnic Studies class hasn't listed any books yet.  If it's going to be a discussion format class, that would make it harder than I thought!  We all know how hard it is to take notes during a discussion!

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Saturday's Karaoke + Games

Saturday we went to Krazy Karaoke (the one in town) with a small group.  Though we planned for two hours, we extended for another.  Afterwards we decided to take it to krazykased's house and stopped in at Walmart to pick up Cranium along the way.  We played two rounds, one with two teams of three and the second with three teams of two.  Haha.. three of two was harder, but way funnier :)  We ended up leaving shortly before 4!





Banana split




Saved by the bell

Chinese characters

Elmer Fudd


Sherlock Holmes


...and more


Much fun and alcohol was had.