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An update

Fun stuff.  I just walked home from school.  I don't know how far that is, but it felt healthy.  Except for the skin cancer I am probably starting, since I didn't wear any sort of sunblock.

Halloween night, I went with Linda to see Nosferatu at the Hawaii Theatre - turned out it was a silent film.  Okay, yes, you vampire people can bonk me over the head for not knowing that one.  It was fun.  We'd had dinner at Pasta Basta beforehand, and kind of stressed at the traffic and wondered if we were going to be late... turned out we had nothing to worry about... for one thing, seating was great, and for another thing, it started late.  Hey, that kind of rhymes!

Then on Thursday, I ate with Mom and Dad at Panda Cuisine... food was ok, but Mom was pretty enthused about it (probably because it was a little more expensive... whatever).  Then they dragged me with them to Walgreens - NOTE TO LONGS: I DID NOT GO WILLINGLY - to check out their grand opening.  It was super packed and really not a good shopping experience.  I kind of hated it.  But Mom and Dad have been converted... Maybe just Mom, since it's right by where she works.  They had me become the pack mule and carry some heavy stuff home from Walgreens that we probably could have gotten at Longs, but I guess it was cheaper because 1) it was their grand opening, and 2) it was a generic/Walgreens brand.  When Linda called, it was rainy, so I suggested the mall - we ate at Islands (had some burger goodness) and then cruised B&N for a bit.  I had to pick up cirrushi's Weather Channel CD, and the rest of my Christmas music/Lion King selections.  Linda had lots of fun looking for mysteries/memoirs/dog books (ended up with mostly dog books).

Friday night, I worked a bit late sending out some assignments via email to the students, but got home in time to eat a bit and then head out to our CB&TL night... okay, that probably makes no sense abbreviated.  Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf - we talked about an opening at ice46man's work, snowglobes, and bitchy old acquaintances.  Kai showed up as they were closing, and there was no field trip this time.

Saturday - work was pretty hectic.  It was Noelani Elementary School's weekend, and the students were putting on presentations in the Children's Department... guess who was the only one in there that morning!  At least until Shari showed up at 11.  It was so, so crowded and crazy with Noelani/non-Noelani peoples...

Sunday.  OMG Sunday.  It really did start out okay.  It was super pouring rain that morning (and there was a flash flood warning, so our book signing event was cancelled), so really people only trickled in the first hour.  AND THEN I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!  Swamp!  EVERYONE was in our store!  I guess rainy day=books, ah?  SO IT WAS SO CRAZINESS!  I was so dead.  I took some time out during the craziness to put back together two of Kaly's Gordian Knot thingies... which was probably a mistake because OW headache, but she was happy so whatever.  After work I went up to UH to meet Linda in her office... she was still working on her slides... her office was trashed since the rain came in FROM THE LEAKY ROOF and utter disaster area.  Anyway, we went to Koko Marina Center to eat at the Greek Marina, then stopped to see her place (which was like maybe two minutes down the road - if you walked!), and back to Koko Marina to see Martian Child at the theatres there.  It was a pretty good movie!  I'd give it about three and a half stars, but I'm harsh that way (high standards - almost nothing gets a five, or even a four-half!)  When we got out, it was totally ... just RAIN.  And some cool lightning.

I don't think I remember Monday.

Tuesday, Dad wanted a universal remote to replace the remote for the inside TV, so Mom suggested Radio Shack at the mall, then we went to Shirokiya, then Longs, and then finally after lunch at the food court, we bought one from Walgreen's.  EVIL I TELL YOU, EVIL!  IT DOESN'T EVEN WORK!  AND IT PROBABLY HAD LEAD PAINT BECAUSE IT WAS MADE IN CHINA AND SMELLED REALLY FUNNY!  Anyway, Mom and Dad bought some MORE stuff from there.  I HATE WALGREENS!  THEY ARE EVIL!

Yesterday there were speeches and absences.  On Friday there will be speeches and murders.

Today I went to school to finish grading Wednesday's speeches, and to meet up with Jang to familiarize myself with the classes that I'd be covering for him next week.  Then the walk home.  With the UV rays.


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Nov. 9th, 2007 04:43 am (UTC)
You walked home from UH? o_O;?

I have yet to enter the Walgreens here.. but I was never really enamored by the ones I had visited on the mainland. (Rite Aid included.)

Boy.. they make the official Weather Channel CDs now? I remember when he had to ask them for the listing of artists & songs so he could track them down one by one. XD;;
Nov. 9th, 2007 04:56 am (UTC)
OMG your brother is the WEIRDEST EVER.

Yeah, I did... really, it's not so bad. I just chose the wrong time of day to do it. And probably the wrong clothes/footwear. But it was nice! I got to see an awesome house with lots of nice greenery, and enjoy the views.

Yeah, I agree - Walgreens is totally nothing special. And the amount of stuff in that store that is their brand is totally annoying.

Actually, the Weather Channel CD is selling pretty dang well. It's #44 (I assume for the whole B&N).. so maybe he isn't THAT weird.....
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