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I'm back from my second day at Job #3, which is a Part-Time Teacher position, working for the ELL (ESLL?) program at the nearest elementary school.  The first day was last week.  So far it's alright.  They are in crazy testing mode right now, so it's pretty easy - they only have me correcting tests and inputting scores, and random filing/paperwork stuff for now.  Also, I'm just the hired help, so any programming errors or Things That Just Don't Work are not my headache.  I find them, and point them out, and then they are someone else's headache.

Barnes & Noble called to see if I could cashier until close.  I would have done it if I didn't have students coming in at 8:30 to give a make-up presentation.

Also, Linda called and left a voicemail - she has bronchitis!  And she hopes she didn't give it to me.  I feel fine so far.

Actually, this entry wouldn't be worth much if I didn't mention WINDY WEDNESDAY (yesterday)!

It's like 3:30am.  I don't know why I'm up for a split second before I realize that it is CRAZY WIND AND RAIN, LIKE TORRENTIAL, with the loudness.  I scramble to the window, and sure enough the carpet is already wet.  Close window, rush into parents' bedroom and close window there.  Go back to sleep.

7:50am.  Am on the bus, in front of Punahou School.  Bus driver apologizes for any delay, and explains that the busses weren't even running earlier, and also a bus got hit by lightning somewhere else.  I think it's kind of weird, but whatever.

8:10am.  Am in my office.  Have a message on my phone.  One of my students had called, and she was stuck in Haleiwa (on the North Shore) because ALL THE ROADS TO/FROM TOWN WERE CLOSED!  POWER LINES WERE DOWN, live wires on the roads!  A HUGE TREE FELL ON HER PARENTS' HOUSE, narrowly missing her brother by like TWO FEET!  UTTER CRAZINESS!

Afterwards, I learned that a tree was also uprooted near UH, on Maile Way, and also blocking the road.  HUGE tree limbs were littered around campus.  HUGE as in, "DAMN I'd be in the hospital/dead if that fell on me!"

Lots of schools were closed across the island, but some schools stayed "open for business"!  This was probably a bad decision, since it was CRAZY windy at least until noon.  CRAZY windy as in, people were being advised to not drive SUVs because they were afraid the wind would tip them over!  Not to mention the huge trees uprooted and such.  So some teachers, some faculty were not able to make it to school to teach the kids that were there... road closures, crazy traffic, etc.

Ironically it was a really nice afternoon.  Sunny.


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Dec. 7th, 2007 01:37 pm (UTC)
Card's on the way :)
Dec. 7th, 2007 04:44 pm (UTC)
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