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Dec. 30th, 2007

Yeah, been meaning to do a recap, but whatever.

Big observation of today: Was waiting to cross the street at Nuuanu/Beretania when I heard a THUNK.  A guy on his cell phone ran his whole right side of his car over the new traffic island.  THUNK was his tire going over the curb.  Were the pole for the traffic light still there (if it hadn't already been taken out by another driver about a month ago), he would have probably taken it out and probably even died.  I'm sorry the pole wasn't there.  He just got this confused look on his face and kept going afterwards.  Like, "What the hell just happened?  Oh well, whatever.  Blah blah blah on my cell phone."

Then I crossed the street and some other guy keeps trying to complete his turn and run me over even though there are FOUR or five signs saying, "NO RIGHT TURN ON RED"... and it was SO RED.  He did complete his turn, right in front of me.  So that's two traffic violations right there - one, the disobeying of the sign, and two, the "no crossing a crosswalk when there's someone in it that's not over halfway through/not on the sidewalk yet."  I really need to carry rocks with me.  Like big ones, that will actually smash through the back window.


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Jan. 8th, 2008 04:46 am (UTC)
You need a paintball gun or sling shot to id them later for the cops.
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