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1. So what have I been doing with my free time lately?  The Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney games.  Started off with the second game, fell in love with Franziska von Karma... and now just finished the 4th episode on the first game... one more to go, I believe!  Life is much more fun if you're a character.

2. Hey ATA went bankrupt and spontaneously ceased all operations!  This is a bit of a problem, since we had tickets with them for June.  Whatever!  We'll just get new ones!  With like American Airlines or something!  Something that may still go bankrupt (again), but at least won't stop operations when it does.. hopefully...

Man, I'm hungry.  Well.  It is about the right time for either 1) a midnight snack, 2) for me to go to bed finally, or 3) for me to wake up ... ok still to early for that