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iPhone vs. BlackBerry Pearl

I am coming up on my New Every Two thingy from Verizon Wireless!  Which would be happy news, if I was not wanting to get the 3G iPhone when it comes out in... whenever it is going to come out.

I was recently at kahakea and ice46man's, and they were trying to convince me that the Blackberry is the way to go.  Now, back when I researched this stuff, I calculated that the bang for the buck went to the iPhone, for a number of different reasons:

  • The cheapest Blackberry plan from Verizon Wireless is $79.99/mo, whereas cheapest iPhone plan from AT&T is $59.99/mo

  • Cheapest iPhone plan includes text messages; cheapest Blackberry plan does not

  • Savings, iPhone vs. Blackberry, from the two above would be $25/month or thereabouts = $300/year

  • I can't figure out the Blackberry plans from the VZW website - from the way they describe the plan, it seems as if you're paying more just to access your email, i.e. No web surfing.  Plus, it seems that they become very antsy if you use that data plan too much.

  • Rollover minutes

Now, all that (financial stuff) aside, the Blackberry (and in this case, I'm talking about the Pearl, which is what I'd get, if it came down to that) has some things going for it:

  • Smaller form factor than iPhone

  • Intended for one-handed use, unlike iPhone

  • Clearer voices comms vs iPhone

  • Seems more durable than iPhone

  • VZW is more reliable/better coverage here, vs AT&T

Now, here are the reasons why I would want one of the above/a smartphone in general:

  • Web access for browsing when I'm bored (on the bus, waiting for something, etc.)

  • Web access for looking something up

  • Email access for the elusive piece of information that is buried in an email/up-to-minute updates on an ongoing situation

  • Twitter

  • Maps, for a number of different reasons, #1 being: I like maps, #2 being: When is the damn bus coming, and should I be at this stop, or the other one?

  • No need to carry around separate camera/iPod - although this implies that it's EASY to transfer music/photos back and forth, otherwise forget it (reference my current phone)

Also, I would totally want to set the Steel Samurai midi I have on this computer as my ringtone.  I think this might not be possible with the iPhone?  Not sure about the other.


May. 16th, 2008 10:32 pm (UTC)
While I love the iPhone, I don't have one and won't at least until they have 3G and tethering, which I use all the time (I'm using it right now!). And despite the fact that I have absolutely no love for Sprint, their $30/month SERO plan (300 minutes, unlimied data, unlimited text messaging) is really hard to beat.