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2359 Roundup

  • 15:48 home. hungry.
  • 16:22 hey i just noticed that the twitter for facebook thing is no longer doing the "xxx is twittering:" part.. it just updates the status wit ...
  • 16:28 it must rain. it must rain.
  • 18:23 One of the ladies we are having dinner with has no inner monologue.
  • 19:40 Been a long time since I have supped with people this different than I.
  • 19:59 They are akin to my professors... without the education background
  • 20:05 Sorry.. educationAL background
  • 21:09 Back home.
  • 21:59 Sleepy. And itchy. Something's been biting me in my sleep.
  • 22:07 Alright, totally gotta head off to sleep...zzzzzzzzz
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