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Japan man discovers woman living in his closet


1. If I were that man, I sure as HECK would have called the police as he did (not go and investigate/confront myself) because... hello GRUDGE - scary unknown person living in closet!!!

2. On that note, he's 57 and she's 58... they are both unemployed......... well I'm guessing retirement age is 55 or so in Japan????  No idea, but it does sound a bit fishy.  How did she choose HIS house.. er, closet?

3. "Unused closet"?  So the closet was just... empty?  Somehow that strikes me as odd.  I mean.. right???  The only thing I can think of is maybe it was his deceased wife's closet, and after they got rid of all her clothes he couldn't bring himself to use the closet.... but really, that's not so likely either.