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What a day!

Today B&N rolled out its new register software.  Also, our cafe's opening crew consisted of one cafe manager from the Kahala store, and one brand-new employee, neither of whom had been trained on the new register system.  Add to that the fact that today was a state holiday, Kamehameha Day.

Oh, and did I mention that most of the people who were trained on the new system basically just tried it out about two months ago and never touched it again?

Or that many, MANY items in our store had not been downloaded yet, so we had to manually select the product class and key in the prices?  Or, for the products that did register, those prices did NOT reflect current promotions?

Fun times.

After shift, I tried fixing some stuff but for some reason I kept having this feeling that it was really really late (it was only like 4:30, but somehow in my consciousness it felt like 7pm), so I had to stop.  Well, there was a massive group interview going on in the break room which I tried to avoid, but got sucked into.  Ended up grilling some potential new hires about how they would interact with customers.

Then home.  So sleepy.

Tomorrow is day off!  Can wear new Nemu*Nemu shirt!  =D