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I have found my Olympus SP-700's charger cable!!!!  The camera is now fully charged, and it and the cable are ready to be packed for travel.


Sunday night, I made two online purchases.  Probably not the wisest decisions, since I knew there was a possibility the packages would not arrive until after I had departed, but decisions made nonetheless.  The package from the company who sent me the "order shipped" notice last (Ex Officio) arrived today.  The other package (from Under Armour) is still somewhere between Maryland and somewhere else, latest update was 11:59pm on the 9th.  It says it's "On time," with an expected delivery date of the 16th, or you know, the day I leave.

To be fair, the Ex Officio package was shipped FedEx 2nd Day Air (at no charge to me), while the Under Armour package went UPS Ground ($7.95 shipping charge)... wait, I started this off with "to be fair"...


Spending a LITTLE too much time at this one blog post I found while browsing, about B&N, written in 2004, with 108 comments so far, the most recent having been posted on June 13, 2008.  Yeah, that's like TOMORROW, here, anyway.  I'm on #70 so far.  It's 9:56pm.  I may not get enough sleep... oh wait!  I just checked my schedule for tomorrow - don't need to wake up at 4am like usual!  Sweet!  More time to read comments for/against B&N by employees/customers and build up the necessary rage... LOL!