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Jun. 15th, 2008


Yup, looks like that UPS package from Under Armour will arrive as I leave.


Crocs - I have two pairs: The All-Terrain and the Off-Road.  How fast is the tread supposed to wear on those things?  It's possible I just walk funny, but it seemed to me that the tread wore pretty darn fast, i.e. I was slipping on wet surfaces about 3 months in.  Had to remember to toe-in, instead of stepping with my heel.  It's been about 8? months since I got them, and I just really checked the bottom tonight.  The tread is worn flat in some places, especially the heel.  Time to do the SolesUnited thing to recycle them, except there's no one yet on Oahu that takes the old ones in.  It'd be nice if that changed.  Don't particularly want to mail the things.

But really though - I love those Crocs, but a bit pricey for things that wear that fast.  It's not like I'd been wearing them everyday.. was more like 2x a week, tops.  Eh.


Must remember to call the store tomorrow morning to ensure continuity of several things.