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My mind definitely makes things up.

I just dreamt about working.  Like, at my regular job at the bookstore.  My mind was totally confusing me by trying to create false memories:

1) There was this precocious child.  Two years old, named Richard Cham (or Chaam, I wasn't sure I heard the parents correctly) who could read a (thin) adult book about Charles Darwin and ... somebody and actually answer my questions about the book correctly.

2) There was probably a television program? featuring these two people who were often depicted in the press as being rivals, but they were coming together to talk to the public about ... something.

3) One of the people that used to work there made a totally inappropriate announcement over the overhead - it was something to the effect of letting our regional manager know that when he left, he should take the surface streets as opposed to the freeway.

4) There was also a presentation? about fire-proofness - talking about a commercial spot or something of that nature in which a stunt man only wore fireproof pants, rolled around in some fire, and still came out unburnt.

All of these were, at the time I woke up, very detailed, with supporting evidence and everything (newspaper articles for the television program and presentation, a second meeting with the precocious child and parents in front of the music department (I had first met them near the Pets section), the actual reason behind the advice to take the surface streets).