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Item the First

LoudTwitter is really not working for me (especially since now Twitter is IM-disabled temporarily), so I changed my LJ password.  And since I had also forgotten my LoudTwitter password, I think this should be a permanent thing.

Item the Second

I still haven't posted the report of my trip to L.A.  Let's just say that we celebrated Grandma's 90th-not-really-90th, it was good seeing relatives and such, I got really sick, and sometimes seeing relatives isn't that great when you don't have a "real job."

Oh, and I lost like $200 gambling.

Item the Third


Item the Fourth

Yesterday was the memorial service for Auntie Ying.  Great that they can do wonders with embalming and whatnot so that the burial is like almost a month after the death, but yikes.  That person in the casket was not my Auntie Ying.  Seriously, I guess that could still be her body, but I'll choose to remember her as I saw her in my dream, thanks.

I got to see cousin Peter and his wife and son.  Peter = Auntie Ying's son.  That was good.  Don't see them very often.

Peter left out the part about Auntie Ying's firstborn in the eulogy.  Or, you know, his eldest sister.  That was uncomfortable.

Funerals kind of suck.

Kaneohe is kind of awesome.

Item the Fifth

I really, really like the webcomics I'm currently reading.  I may have to do a post about them in the future.