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Damn, that was messed up.  I just dreamt a whole horror movie concept, complete with marketing angle and everything.

I HATE horror movies.

Well, here it is before I forget most of it:

It's called "Red Bags"

Yeah, it has to do with the Chinese - here's the trailer:

A bunch of boys find out about this cool thing, if you find a bunch of hanging red bags somewhere (a church? someone's attic? somewhere secluded), you just kind of do a certain movement with your knees and you get transported to a place of awesomeness (pretty sure this is user defined).. anyway, they keep doing this a bunch of occasions, and the last shot of the trailer has the eldest boy doing that movement, and still disoriented, thinks he's in another place of awesomeness, but actually the red bags have turned into the hanging corpses of his ancestors.  (Presumably, now he's stuck in THAT place, and is about to join them)

Then the rest of the dream fleshes it out more, something about fortune telling, and everyone flees/mass panic/survival situation (everyone should own at least one off-road capable vehicle seems to be the take-home story of the movie) and then it throws in some matrix-y stuff like "that road was there all along - you just have to SEE it"

At one point, there's like a swanky, super exclusive restaurant that uses the red bags as its entrance - as in, you have to do the knees movement under red bags to get in, but before you can even get to the red bags, you have to go through a huge, empty mall or something... there might even be bouncers...


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Jul. 31st, 2008 08:03 pm (UTC)
Are you SURE you didn't go to Comic Con??? Sounds like some of the rituals you had to do to get into some of the more popular panels. ;-)

*hugs* You are awake now. It must be all the decomposing flesh you have been eating at odd hours. LOL
Aug. 1st, 2008 08:02 am (UTC)

I will totally be there next Comic Con! I think! But yeah!
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