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1 For some reason, this computer keeps displaying the "Your computer may be at risk - No firewall detected" warning when I log on for the first time.  It disappears after about a minute, but it's kind of scary to think that I'm connected to the internet without a firewall for that period of time.  Plus, the bigger question is - why the heck is it doing that, when it hasn't happened before about a month ago?  Is it because something already got past the firewall and is purposefully turning it off for the first minute of internet connectivity?

2 I ran into an old schoolmate at work.  Old, as in, we went to the same elementary? middle school - she was one grade above me.  She was shopping in the kids department with her sister? and they had a total of three kids.  I remembered her name!  I am proud of myself.

Later I realize that she was in the same grade=class as the Olympian!  Should've asked if they kept in touch.

3 While I want a Mac Pro, I am not as much in love with the iPhone anymore.  I mean, it's still great and all, I am still going to most likely get it in October and all, but it's hot.  Like, I mean, there is heat coming from the phone to my hand when the phone is in my hand.  I don't really like that.  Is that just a side effect of it having been recently in the cradle, and does it go away after like half an hour or so, or will it always be like that... hot, in my hand? 

4 I bought a Booq Mamba Pack recently.  I haven't used it yet.  Initial impressions are: POCKETS YESSS.  Looks like good build quality (though made in China), with waterproofing and YKK zippers.  Intelligent design with the pockets and the zipper openings and such.  It's got foam padding providing rigidity, which is great for your laptop, but for my purposes, that means it doesn't compress - I would have liked it better if its width(depth?) could shrink if I didn't have much in it.  Other than that, good all around.  Only other thing I could ask for is for the straps to be able to adjust a bit more snugly - as it is right now at the tightest setting, the backpack starts about under my shoulder blades and just looks awkward.  I'd have to be pulling on the straps in order to achieve the Ninja Turtle look, which is a lot more streamlined, aerodynamic, and sexier.  Weird.  I just tried it on again, and it's not as bad as I remember.  Did I get fatter in a day?

Anyway, I think this backpack will be my personal item for any travel requiring such.

Meanwhile, I am still looking for a small backpack for day-to-day use - AHEMTomBihnSynapse....