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Hunger, dehydration, heat exhaustion

Last night, I was so exhausted that I fell asleep sometime before dinner, and woke up at around 2am-ish.  I browsed around on the computer, and started to feel hungry, so I drink some water and ate a slice of cheese.  I went back to bed.

I woke up this morning at around 8am, and ate a salmon sandwich.  I walked around in the hot sun for about two hours, and caught the bus back to downtown, where I promptly began to feel VERY ILL.

I felt nauseous.  I had to squat down so that I wouldn't fall over.  I couldn't imagine myself making it one more block.  I thought I was going to faint right there, in the middle of the business district.

I quickly got out a Lara Bar and bit off a small chunk, thinking that maybe it was hunger that was causing this.  I felt a little better.

I made it across that block.  At the stop light I squatted down again, as my strength was quickly leaving me again.  My goal was Ahi & Vegetable, where I had planned to eat lunch.

I made it across the street, but just past McDonalds I couldn't see.  My vision was failing, I could barely make out the people passing before me.  I squatted down again, thinking that maybe this was the end of me.  My mind began trying to play tricks against this, wondering if it were some kind of video game that I could stop playing, and if so, where was the reset button?  Water, I thought, I need water, I'm probably suffering from dehydration, I really should have had something to drink at the mall.  McDonalds was right behind me.  I could get water from there, but I wasn't sure they would just give me water.  Would they charge me for it?  Should I just abandon my lunch plans and eat at McDonalds?

I got up and determinedly started walking to Ahi & Vegetable.  They had a water dispenser there.  Free water.  It wasn't so far, I could see the Dreamer's Cafe really close by, and Ahi & Vegetable was closer than that.  I reached the door.  My vision started to deteriorate.  I saw the water.  I moved towards it, but it was right near the order counter, and the casher was expecting my order.  I ordered.  She said she didn't hear me the first time, so I said it again, "Salmon & Vegetable, please."  She wrote it down, and I handed her the money, almost completely blacking out in the process.  I started to put my wallet away, but in the middle remembered that I should be expecting change from her.  I saw her move three bills in my direction, good, the correct change.  I blindly closed my hand around the bills and my order stub, and backed away from the counter.  WATER.  I had used this water dispenser before, so, nearly-blind, I operated it and filled myself a bit of water.  It had to be less than half the cup.  I drank, hoping that everything would magically heal, my vision would magically clear, that the effects of the water would be instantaneous.  They weren't.  I had to squat back down.  But even not seeing where I was, I knew I was probably blocking the refrigerator with the bottled drinks.  And sure enough, someone needed one.  I moved to the side, where I would be blocking only the ... what was that anyway?  The ice machine?  Only a momentary reprieve, because my order was called.  They were just about always fast, and today wasn't an exception.  I took my food, and asked if I could sit next to two office-types.  They of course allowed me to.  I set my tray down and sat, downing the precious water.  I took stock, and realized that I was sweating.  A lot.  I wondered if I was giving off a smell.  That would have been unfortunate, as I detest the same in other humans.  I had water, and I had food.  My vision had returned, and I was sitting down.

Crisis averted?


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Sep. 9th, 2008 07:45 pm (UTC)
WOAH. Not good. It's a good thing you got some water when you did. It's been blazing hot lately.

Funny, I have similar moments when I'm desperate for food/water/bathroom/etc and my brain decides to have a "is it allowed?" moment.

I hate being indecisive in a moment of crisis.
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