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Current things on my mind:

Biggest) How to manage the monies so that I can pay off this month's $3k credit card bill without dipping into savings.  Oh, and the other one (the normal one) for ~$900... yeah, it turned out that I wasn't paying attention and didn't start planning for it until too late.  But!  It is still possible!

Next) The Kindle (part of the $900 bill) is awesome - I can get onto Facebook mobile from it!  That fact alone kind of diminishes the want/need for the iPhone... but again, I am 99% still gonna get it in mid-October, which brings me to

Third) I need to time the Verizon-to-AT&T switch correctly so that I don't get charged the ETF.  It says "Contract Ends on 10/17/08" so I assume that means that on 10/17/08 I can go into the Apple Store and ask them to port over my number from VZW and incur no ETF.  Right???

4th) ASHES!