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I'm really dead tired.  Today we spent the whole day out going places.  Breakfast was really good.  I ate a lot.  After that we went to get our hair washed.  Then, since we were looking for a particular eyeglass/photo shop, we went towards The Bund.  Coming back, we ate lunch at Lu Lu Shanghai Restaurant.  But we ate really late.  We didn't know that they closed at 3pm.  When we sat down it was 2:15.  We also ordered a bit too much.  So it wasn't really a pleasant dining experience.  At the end, they were all waiting for us and one other table to leave.  Afterward, we went to a bookstore and I saw that S.H.E. had a new CD out, so I bought it.  Mom bought a lot of books and magazines there.  After the shopping, Mom was complaining that her feet were really sore, so we hurried home.  When we arrived home, it was around 6pm.