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Some may comment (and probably rightly so) that traffic in China is petty crazy. But you know, I like it. It makes sense to me. So far, I have seen only one accident, and that was in a rural area.. someone opened the door of their van just as a lady on a bicycle was passing by. No one was seriously hurt, though.

Near the house is a freakin' Ritz-Carlton.. that whole area there is designed so that if you are a foreigner intimidated by China, you need not step outside the safety net of the Ritz complex to get anything you need.  Unfortunately I was unable to tap into their wifi network from where we were at the side entrance.. wtf grr.

Right now, having picked up Aunt Cyndee and Uncle Steve from the airport this morning, eaten lunch at a place at where the English on the menu was horrendous, gotten my hair shampooed and blow dried for 15 yuan, and picked up Aunt Cyndee and Uncle Steve from their hotel, are almost at Auntie Jin Hua's house for dinner.