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Airport Express. I need to bring an Airport Express or something like that next time. That's probably something that only seems like a no-brainer now.

We ate lunch, which was pretty yummy but really too much. Afterwards we looked at some of the wares that were being sold by the side street vendors, which was really quite weird because they were selling the same exact things, all like thirty of them. We also toured a garden/house thing.. I think the Englishification of it is "Ge Garden." Then we really had to rest, so we went back to the hotel for like two hours.. at that time it was like two p.m. Auntie Jin Hua's in-laws, who live here, joined us for dinner, which was probably only disappointing because we were already so full from lunch. Also, apparently something was wrong with the taste of the Tsingtao brand draft beer that was ordered. Mom and Uncle Steve thought it tasted like water. Whatever, I ended up drinking most of that because I actually would rather drink water-tasting beer vs. beer-tasting beer.

Then we went on a little river tour thing.. basically like the Riverwalk in San Antonio. Very pretty, took some video and oh! At the dock for the boat, freaking like a hundred people (and this is not one of my normal exaggerations) were there, in the open area, dancing! Like, together in step with the music. It was kind of awesome! I think I also took some video of that. Afterwards we went to a multi-level kind of grocery store/drugstore place and bought some stuff.. then there was corn for a midnight snack but I didn't care for it and Mom was too tired to eat tonight.