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Oh gods. I'm allergic to the cabs here. It's almost every time now that I ride in one, I get nauseous. The following factors also don't help: 1) They have an interesting way of driving here, involving stop-and-go acceleration. 2) The gods-be-damned freaking air pollution. 3) That irritating-as-hell screen on the back of the front passenger seat, sometimes with audio.

I don't think I can survive much more like that. Apparently it's not just me, as Auntie Xia Hong's 39-year-old daughter also gets carsick in the taxis here.. and she's a local!

We just came back from a dinner with them.. Auntie Xia Hong, her husband, daughter, son-in-law, grandson, and Auntie Jin Hua and her husband, son, daughter-in-law, and grandson. The food was great, including something with durian in it, but as usual, too much. That's been a disturbing trend. Eating too much for every meal, and then catching a cab (instead if walking or at least taking the Metro).. waistline could be expanding. I was 118 at Auntie Ami's house just about a week ago (which is actually losing weight from where I thought I'd be stuck at: 122ish) but I'm afraid to check what it is now.

Speaking of waist, I bought a pair of jeans. Turns out quite expensive. But not bad. Sizes here are crazy though.. I would get a complex if I lived here.. would have to lock myself in somewhere and starve for a week or two.. get this, I take medium-sized pants here. Medium! Holy crap, I can barely find size two pants at home because it's on the small side such that the stores don't stock much of it and here, that's the Medium! Either that or you know, waistline has really expanded and all that.

That's definitely one thing I don't like, or really, hate, about this whole travelling to visit people thing. The goddamn FREAKING HUGE meals. Even with just me, Mom, and Uncle Steve, FREAKING HUGE. Ugh.