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A story.

Holy CRACK, LiveJournal, I am the laziest being ever created.  No, actually that's just what we all tell ourselves in order to feel special.

I've got just a few more trip log posts to post that I've been sitting on, but MEANWHILE.

Drunk drivers suck.  But really what sucks more is people who break multiple laws and end up hurting people, but get away with it scot-free.  A story follows.

I present to LiveJournal, the Regular Guy.  I think everyone at my work knows him.  I should say, everyone that was at my work say, two years ago.  He was always pretty cool, and very talkative, but we liked him a lot because he wasn't creepy or anything, and would sometimes keep the creepy people away.  He came in like every night.

Then we stopped seeing him, and kind of wondered, but no one knew.  Maybe he got tired of us.

I saw him last night.  At my work.  He greeted me, and it took an awful many seconds before it clicked in my head who he was.

He wasn't in a wheelchair before.

He wasn't a quadriplegic before.

Yeah, the guy who was responsible?  Speeding, driving with revoked license, multiple prior DUIs, intoxicated at the time of the accident.  Did he go to prison?  Probation?  Fine?  Community service?

Nothing.  "Inattention to driving."  INATTENTION TO DRIVING - this is akin to dinging a parked car while you're talking on your cell phone.  Only, you know, the parked car was a living, breathing person, and the cell phone was a keg of beer.

FUCK that shit.  I wish he gave me the guy's name.