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We came home to the smell of rotting fruit. Ok, I'll admit it - I didn't smell anything. I went straight for the bathroom while Mom smelled something funky, investigated, and found something foul in the state of Denmark. A rotted fruit, and the accompanying bugs. Yum. About a second later, Xiao Niu, the neighbor who is taking care of the place for us, came over and informed us that last night there had been a house invasion/burglary at a neighboring house, and a diamond ring had been stolen. Mom immediatly got scared (in the middle if her fretting over how to clean up the rotted fruit mess) and suggested that we immediately, tonight, move to stay at a hotel. Her thinking was that we, being out of state/country visitors, would be thought of as having a lot of cash on hand and that the burglars may upgrade to robbery/murder to get at our supposed (actual) stash.

I told her that since she never thought about that kind if thing before this incident happened, why was she worried now that it had happened? We could have been that first incident, but we were not. Very probably the burglars knew specifically what they were after in that crime. Also, they would be pretty stupid to come back to the scene of the crime and be more easily caught.

Alas, it's no use. It sounds as if she's got her mind made up. Unless this phone call right now can talk her out of it.

Thursday, October 30, 7:57pm