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Today is November 2nd.  Yesterday we went to find Linda's mom.  Yesterday was Saturday, so Linda was home too.  We talked and then went walking on this one street.  At 6pm we went to a Xinjiang restaurant with Rong Rong, my aunt's friend Xiao Zhou + husband, and Auntie Lizi and Uncle Chen to eat dinner.

The day before we visited Auntie Jian Fen and Uncle Xu Pu and their son Xu Tao was home too.  Auntie Jin Hua, Auntie Xia Hong, Auntie Lizi, and Uncle Chen also accompanied us.  They had a little dog, and when we got to their house it wouldn't stop barking!!  While we were at Auntie Jian Fen's house, she called over one of her neighbors.  That neighbor knew Auntie Lizi too.  We went to her house to sit for a while too.  She had a dog too.  Her dog, if you don't hold onto it, it will bolt from the house.

The day before that, we went to Auntie Yuen Zhu's house.  Mom and I went on a bus ourselves and rode it from the first station to the terminus to get to their house.  They live in Hongqiao.  Because Auntie Xiao Pan also lived nearby, she came too.  After we ate lunch we went to Qibao to look around.  Bought a lot of food.