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Alright, that last post was the last of the Shanghai Trip Log.  You can also peruse the entire Flickr set of Shanghai 2008 photos.  Needless to say, I am back from that safely, even though it took me forever to post up the log in its entirety.


Yesterday!  Well it was supposed to be the day I finally got to try J.J. Dolan's, the new Irish Pub/Pizza Place in downtown, with friends and coworkers.  But the ominous lightning storm lashed out and decided to knock out power to the entire island of O'ahu instead.  6:55pm-ish, right before we all met up in front of the place, BAM!  Lights out all over.  Now mind you, I didn't orchestrate the entire event, but I had my Surefire flashlight at the ready.. not in a bag or anywhere that I'd have to dig for it, but clipped right to my pants.  Actually I had prepared more for rain than blackout (yeah, who anticipates blackouts?), since I had brought three umbrellas just in case.  No rain, but the tradeoff was no electricity.  I would really, really have preferred rain.

So that sucked.  We stood around in a parking lot and tried to figure out 1) how extensive the blackout was, and therefore 2) what to do/where to go, since obviously ya can't make pizza without power.  We found out (through the magic of Twitter, via the TwitterFon app on my iPhone) that the outage was island-wide.  Now normally when the electricity goes out, everyone makes a beeline to the Chinese restaurants, since they can, I don't know, cook with steam or something.. gas stoves?  Whatever.  But of course the group (and really, me included) didn't want Chinese food.  So we decided to all head back home and forage what nourishment we had there.

I went home.  Our lobby seemed as if nothing had happened.  Went up the elevator, which was as if nothing had happened.  Went down the hallway, which was the same as usual.  Only when I opened the door to darkness did it really seem again as if the power was out.  I mean, which it was - it just really didn't seem that way at all in the rest of the building.  Anyway, I cranked up AM 590 on the battery-operated radio and listened to Perry & Price a little as they provided pretty much the only non-web news on the outage.  Then I went to sleep.  And dreamed a LOT about not going in to work today.  Which almost, but didn't entirely happen.

Power came back on in my neighborhood at 4:15am.

Power was restored to Ala Moana Mall.. sometime between 7am-9am.. dunno.


Mom's flying out tonight.  Originally the plan was for her to fly out mid-January to kind of watch over her mom while her elder sister recovered from surgery.  Well, her mom never followed a schedule, and I guess her health has been declining at a rather bewildering rate.  Stupid doctors and medications - I think they messed up her kidneys.  Anyway, Mom and her sisters are pretty freaked out.  Mom's flying out tonight.