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Another sad entry

As a testament to the idea that I probably should be at least 10 years older than I already am, another aunt passed away. Another of Dad's sisters. Now remember that he had like a LOT of sisters, and it's not so bad. Well, until you think and there's probably only two left.

Oops, spoke to Dad, there's actually three sisters left, but one is practically in a coma somewhere in Canada. So the four of them remain. Out of 20*.

I don't remember if I've met this aunt before, but she was the one who, along with my mom's mom, set my parents up. See, she and my grandma used to go to boarding school together as girls.

(Yeah, a bit of an age discrepancy between my parents.)

Anyway... now you know I wasn't joking when Auntie Ying died about her being the first.

Speaking of Grandma, she's not doing so well. Dialysis, and feeding tube direct to the stomach. The other day she waved at my cousin as she was leaving the room, and that was SURPRISING AND ENCOURAGING. See, when the performance of a simple act such as a wave is considered progress.... well.

I want to go up there to see her, and I was thinking of going ASAP, but them up there in Lala Land actually think she's going to hold on for a while longer, and that she's going to get better.. maybe in a few months? "Yeah, maybe you can come in a few months. She may be able to know that you're actually there by then."

Kind of mad. It's too sudden for such a dramatic change. I saw her in July and she was great! No "Danger ahead!" signs or anything.. See, medicines/drugs are bad for you.

Oh, and bringing the subject around a bit.. I'm kind of just a little concerned about Dad. That's two sisters gone in the space of about half a year.. also, I think it was last week... his.. well, I guess you could say she was almost like an adopted mom to him... she passed as well. The way he told me about this latest news about his sister... "The old people are going where old people go"

Good thing he still thinks of himself as a young man.