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Mar. 22nd, 2009



But it won't last, because I am excited for something that will be happening months from now.


Bought the 4-day pass back in December, but didn't make actual solid plans until this past week - well, the 19th, specifically. That was when they opened up the hotel reservations through the Comic-Con peoples (at a discounted rate). BUT HERE'S THE LESSON: Get hotel reservations way before, like in December, because it's only about $100 per night more, and WAY less stress than trying to wait and try and wait to try to reserve through Comic-Con, battling against the rest of the internets.

Instead, I think I'm paying double what the discounted rate is. ANYWAY, I HAVE HOTEL RESERVATIONS.

Alternate lesson: Accept when friend who has reserved a HOUSE offers a place to stay. But this would require lessons Get Over Yourself and Get Drivers License to be completed in advance.


I didn't compare prices, because I was high on seeing the total bill for the hotel. But the price quoted for HNL-LAX-SAN(-LAX)-HNL seemed reasonable. I am visiting Grandma!!! for a week, then heading down to San Diego.

Total winnage, let me tally you:
- Will get to see Grandma!!!!
- Will get to see friends I have not seen in AGES (ok, 8 years or so?)
- Will get to meet awesome webcomic artists and buy their swag
- Will get to TRAVEL, period
- Will get to have a room to myself
- Will probably have opportunity to accost former co-worker at new place of work
- Will get to see San Diego!
- ... don't even know what the actual Comic-Con program entails besides masses of people

In closing, Win. And: Can't wait for July.