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1. I really need to start remembering to bring my camera along when I go to places where picture-taking would likely want to occur. iPhone, you have spoiled me; but not enough, for your camera is shite.

2. I am talking about Kawaii Kon, which was awesome, even though I only went for one day. Previous Kawaii Kon(s?) registration was just a walk-up-to-booth, pay, get badge deal. I guess I hadn't 1) gone on the first day before, or 2) gone on the first day which is a HOLIDAY before. SO MANY PEOPLE. Nemu Nemu booth was hit by sustained tidal wave of fans! AMAZING and HAPPY!

Still excited about SDCC in July, but the fact that it is going to be a big con makes me wonder about a disturbing fact:

3. I know I have been to DragonCon once before, but aside from a few snippets (the rapid transit shuttle thing at the airport, walking on the street outside the hotel, and a room where crazy people (sorry, I know this was probably people reading this) were acting out the Buffy musical) I CANNOT REMEMBER ANYTHING AT ALL. Like, what hotel I stayed at, or even who else was there.. WHAT YEAR IT WAS???

Pretty near complete blankage. I'm pretty darn sure I wasn't drunk, so... what gives??

4. Related to this, I can barely remember the first Kawaii Kon I attended. I think this most recent time was my third time, so that would have been two years ago. Maybe it, along with DragonCon, was too traumatic an experience.

5. Speaking of PTSD (and cameras), I still have WICKED AWESOME PHOTOGRAPHY from Afghanistan, especially 1SG Meister's Memorial Ceremony, which was on a beautiful overcast and somber day. Those were probably my best pictures ever. Even though I chose not to take a picture of the person who broke down in tears.. God damn it, I can't remember who it was either! I think it was one of the Air Force guys...... or was it the Hispanic Marine???? DAMN IT I should have taken a picture....?

Random. ON SUNDAY (not today, last Sunday) I FELL IN LOVE WITH A CAT. THE END.


Apr. 13th, 2009 01:14 pm (UTC)
#3. 2002 (at least) since the Buffy musical episode did not air till Nov. 2001. The reenacting of the musical would of happened the following year. ;o)
Apr. 13th, 2009 09:01 pm (UTC)
That sounds about right. My only hope is that I actually remember it firsthand, and not through some delusion-mind am actually remembering, like YOUR report of the event.