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Taxes done T____T

I put this off majorly this year because I gotta pay taxes again. Ugh. That in mind, I think I have to change my exemptions back to "0" so that maybe next year I won't have to worry as much.

Also, because I just didn't want to deal with printing and mailing my return (and including W-2s and assorted other paperwork), I paid extra to e-file (well, federal was free, but the state one cost) as well as paying extra to charge the federal amount.

I know, I am the one usually against paying to file (esp. paying someone else to do your taxes), but the convenience and non-stress (especially since I waited until later in the game to do it) really tends to push one over to the "pay and your problems go away" side. Kinda hate that.

And to think! Earlier this year I was excited about getting all my W-2s, etc. so that I could do my taxes early! Of course, once I found out I had to pay, the enthusiasm faded.

Whatever.. DONE!!!

I still have to send in a check for the Hawaii return though. But at least I have a little more time for that.

In other news, going back through my LJ archives makes me realize the importance of journal entry SUBJECTS. Le fail.