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Doom and gloom!

Is the world getting crazier, or is the media just reporting it more, or am I just actively seeking out crazy news?

I'd say all of the above. No need to list anything, really. In general, the rate of incidents of mass homicides, domestic violence, other crazy shenanigans involving crime and danger to others seems to have picked up quite a bit. Around the world, and right here in Hawaii.

.... ok, I'm really not going anywhere with this.

Except that in other news my cousin Audriene is probably going to die really soon now (after long illness), since her kidneys have failed/are failing - but DON'T CONDOLENCIZE ME, because I hardly knew her (my parents claim that we met once.. when I was really young) and while I sort of knew vaguely of her existence, I never even knew what her name was until now. I'm just kinda writing it here for the "more relatives dying" record.

...and that ends today's Doom and Gloom!