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Japan: Day 1

I am in Japan! And even though it's only 6:51pm local time, I am here in my hotel room in Shinjuku like an old person, because I'm so beat. Flight was long, yadda yadda. I got a bit lost getting to my hotel because I refused to consult the map again. Actually I'm not sure the map would have helped too much, because it's complicated. Hooray for random mazes of underground stuff.

First place I ate at was a sushi-go-round place. I spent about $7 and now I'm hungry again. Wonderful. It was decent, but a small place.

Then I figured I have to go somewhere and see something, even though I'm dead tired, so I got on the train. I went to Shibuya to visit Hachiko again. On my way to the statue, I see this guy with two rabbits. He's got one on his shoulder, and he's holding the other one in his hands. Weird, I think. Whatever. I go to the statue, and take a breather. Guy with rabbits comes and puts one of the rabbits (the one he was holding) on the statue, under Hachiko. Even the Japanese people are looking at him funny, so I know this must not be a normal thing. I have pictures.

Also, I found the homeless people of Shibuya, and they do live in cardboard boxes under the bridge. I didn't take pictures of them.

Tips for fake Asians to fit in here:
- Carry a large bag at all times
- Don't wear sunglasses
- If you're a girl, (pretend to) text someone ALL THE TIME
- Hats are for posers

Other tidbits:
- The designated smoking areas, and the smokers in them. SO WEIRD.
- On the flight over, I won the hair-in-food lottery again. It's getting the point where "pick/fish hair out, continue eating" becomes routine.
- Here's what a Japan Rail Pass looks like! I didn't know.

Also, I managed to get online to post this despite my internet connection looking like this: