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Disturbing dream, take two

The dreams the past two nights have been unsettling, but this one just now has probably been the most unsettling of all.

Often, in dreams, one is able to have free will of some sort, to be able to do as one pleases. In the past, I've been able to rewind, etc.

This one had one moment that I can recall that was a bit fanciful, and involved me being able to do some supernatural things like fly through the air and ask trees to bend for me. But that was just that one very brief scene.

What happened after that ran like a horror movie.

I was seeing things for the most part through the eyes of a classmate. A real classmate from high school times that I won't name here.

We were in a school, but there was something unsettling about the school. Lots of unexplained things.

What I got from the dream was that this classmate had been unwittingly, and probably unwillingly, pulled into some sort of research of the evil and unnatural kind. I'm not talking stem-cell research or anything. I'm talking creatures from the underworld, unexplainable horrors type of research. The dream had her wandering the halls (because the route back to class from the bathroom unexplicably changed the past two times), and seeing all sorts of unsettling things. A dog-wolf creature in one dark doorless room that you could barely see, but knew without seeing that it was a terrible, terrible beast. The creature in the next room, you also couldn't see, but you knew that it also was horrible, this time for what had been done to it.

The main point was that the buildings there had the feeling of having been recently unearthed. As in, they had previously been buried in the ground. There was plastic covering all supposed entrances and exits to and from this area, but somehow without knowing it my classmate had found herself inside the area and had gotten out (the second time it was very clear, with the plastic and everything). She returned to the classroom shaken, but to find that she was being sent back home (another one or two classmates as well), under the pretense that she was very sick. My classmate was relieved, and happy to be going back home.

But somehow.

Somehow something happened, I guess. The man that was in charge of the school was heading to our classroom to visit... I suppose there was some sort of reason to this, such as we were getting close to figuring something out, but I can't remember it now.

Well, from a lower cupboard...

My classmate, partially naked, had been hiding there and wanted to come out to meet the man...

But for some reason, she told me to communicate for her to the class using a headphone/microphone set while she hid back in the cupboard.

The man had still not arrived.

She described the man as some sort of beast, and we could find an approximation of him in the Reading Rainbow, somewhere under "C"

I was not really sure what she was referring to, but the teacher seemed to have some sort of idea of at least the Reading Rainbow, and assigned the class to look for it... even sending a classmate out to get some sections or something that we didn't have in the classroom. (I'm not sure why we had Reading Rainbow in the classroom, I don't really know what it is, but I'm pretty sure at the age we were, we shouldn't have had it... grade-school stuff)

Anyhow, we're not able to find it, but somewhere during this, I am not getting replies from her when I ask her things in the mic, and I'm not hearing anything from the other side.

I open the cupboard, and it's her lifeless body...

I'm horrified, and scream "NO!" and her name and such... pretty much crying... (she was the best of us)

Then, from the next cupboard, the sound of someone trying to get out...

It's her body, without a head, and attached to this tray of stuff... there are little clamp-like things that can manipulate the stuff (I think it was nutrients or something) but she says (in her voice) that it's still kind of new and she needs my help to adjust the clamps around the nutrients... I do so, but

at this point my head is swimming at what must have happened

Also, headless classmate.

She explains that she's going too far into the research now, so she has to switch to this type of body...

And I'm thinking WTF weren't you going home, what research!?

And shortly after that, I woke up.


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Nov. 15th, 2009 07:54 pm (UTC)
Ok, just reading that is freaking me out. I don't do horror films (there is a short list of actresses that will put the lie to that, but the sentiment stands).

Um, I'm glad you woke up?
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