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Dream Report

A robot. A family.

The robot expresses his wish to fly.

The father is a pilot/flier.

He believes it's impossible for Robot to fly.

The father goes out and "flies" as his trade - outside of, while attached to the plane (a smaller, private plane - maybe a Cessna, etc).

He talks about how you don't learn it, you just have to do it and you'll know if you can do it.

There's a clang before the father goes out of the plane, and the sisters are a little distressed at how the rope seems to be unraveling itself, but the father assures them it's fine

He goes out and is doing fine, still having small talk with the girls

There's another clang, and again the rope looks like it's unravelling.

The girls are really worried, and call it to the father's attention

The father now really feels something is wrong, and powers his way back inside the plane with the help of the girls.

The plane is going to crash.

It crashes into a home.

They all survive the impact, but the younger girl makes a comment about the landing, and the three exchange glances and start to run

They get outside of the house and there's a cab pulling up, which the elder sister notices the people getting out are speaking Japanese

She tells them in Japanese, "Run, it's going to explode!"

They all take cover

Somehow the explosion doesn't hurt any of them


The family gathers with the elderly family head - in a wheelchair, sick, but in high spirits

Someone takes the elder sister aside

There are vicious rumors flying around about the 'accident' - a magazine is threatening to "expose the truth"

That perhaps it wasn't an accident... That the younger sister or Robot had something to do with it

The elder sister approaches Robot, who is trying to plug florescent bulbs into the earth

"What are you doing, Robot?"

Robot says something which the elder sister interprets as Robot misunderstanding the relationship between the earth and humans (or something)

... I think at this point I got confused whether the younger sister was the Robot, but that's the crux of what I remember from the dream