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Another Day, Another Dollar

Well. I finally gave in to the strange temptation to pay for this thing. Yay LiveJournal! It's only $25/year.. and I guess that's my investment in this. Now I have to look up more pics to make into user icons.. or do I?

I have to get up early tomorrow morning. The joy of it all. I should be waking up at around 5 or so. Maybe I'll play around with the mood icons on this thing. I also need to call mom tonight since it's her night off again. I got over my cold!!! Woo hoo! Go me! We've got a 24th week test coming up on Thursday. Then the 4-day weekend. :o) Happy about that.

Today was just like every other day. We saw an interesting video in class.. kinda like a grammar helper video but it totally strengthened any stereotypes you have of the Japanese people through the examples it gave. The father smoking every chance he gets, the son always studying, the young secretary girl singing while she's working...

elliemaz gave me a wallpaper of Eliza Dushku last night. Thanks Miss Ellie! *HUGS* It's on my desktop now :o)