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Permanent Account; LOTR; missing home

I upgraded to a permanent account! I have contributed a total of $125 to the LiveJournal fund. This even though I just got a paid account a little over a week ago too. And so the age-old question of "Where has my money gone?" is answered.

Watched disc 4 of the Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring extended platinum set. It's just so awesome. But I think my back hurts now for sitting there watching it for so long. Ow ow ow. Most disquieting thing about the movie is how much Aragorn looks like Xena.. actually I want to actually say Lucy Lawless. It's a facial structure thing. And of course the eyes and hair color. There's just so many moments where it just rings like.. "damn, that looks like Lucy Lawless!" Another note: it might just be the long hair, but the elves seem asian to me. Orlando Bloom does not look half as good as his character Legolas. I LOVE the snow scene where he's atop the snow and everyone else is trudging through it, up to their necks in the stuff. I aspire to be like Legolas: light, fast, wise, good with a bow, immortal. Actually the immortal part is pretty cool by itself. :o)

And the computer crashed as I was searching for a Legolas pic to make into a userpic. But I outsmarted it and saved a draft of this journal first, nyah nyah!

I got a little of the Japanese homework done while waiting for computer to cool down.

I do kinda miss home. Saying this at the end of a long weekend makes me think that it's just the non-workingness of being home that I miss. But if I were home, it'd be warmer out. I'd probably not be as adverse to waking up early in the morning and doing things. But now thinking about it, most of the things I'd be doing back home (besides stalking) would cost money, and it'd cost more money there than here. So scratch waking up early. But it'd be cool to be in familiar surroundings. And take pictures. I really do need a digital camera, because my hobby of picture-taking would far exceed my budget if I were to do it on regular film.

I'm going to go do more homework now.