You don't even know!

All your base are belong to me

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31 years of age.
Born in Hawaii.
Pursuing Possess an Associate of Arts Degree in Japanese.
Pursuing Possess a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Speech.
Pursuing Changed my mind about a Master of Arts Degree in Speech (now called Communicology!)
Been to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Macau, Afghanistan, Peru, Colombia, Canada; and in the US: California, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, Texas, New York.
Not counting Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait; or, in the US: South Carolina.
Kinda counting in the US: Washington.
Stopped over in Germany, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Hungary; in the US: Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, and Maine.

Ultimate goal in life: to become the evil advisor to the ruler of the world.

I travel and I take pictures when I'm not slaving away at work from before sunup to after sundown.

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